Aniruddha Nazre

Aniruddha Nazre-CSO & EVP Digital Media Services Reliance Industries Ltd

Before SAP,  Aniruddha Nazre worked for six years in the medical equipment industry, first in Zimmer, Inc. Bristol Myers and a division of Squibb and then also at Mathys AG (Synthes) in Switzerland. During this time, Aniruddha Nazre developed many new product lines and received 7 American and 4 European patents.

In Pune, Aniruddha Nazre had his schooling at St. Vincent’s High School and then completed BE from COEP in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, where Aniruddha Nazre was the Gold medalist in University. After completing an MS degree in Biomechanics from Michigan Technological University, Nazre achieved his Doctorate degree in biomechanics from Hannover Medical Center in Germany. After many years of working in engineering, product management, and business development, Aniruddha Nazre completed an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Some remarkable investments made during his work duration in KPCB include Cleartrip, Naukri, MapMyIndia, InMobi, Virsa, and LuxVue. Aniruddha Nazre completed 19 investments during the 9 years at KPCB, 11 out of which investments are liquid. 

From 1991 to 1995, Aniruddha Nazre worked as a development engineer in Zimmer, Inc. and monitored the introduction of three new product lines in two years. In Mathis AG (synthesis) in Switzerland, Aniruddha Nazre was the group manager for Business Development and Product Management from 1995 to 1997. Aniruddha Nazre has seven United States and four European patents and has published and submitted more than 15 articles in peer-review magazines and conferences. Aniruddha Nazre has been done a Ph.D. from Hanover, BioMenics from Germany’s Technical University, MBA from Harvard Business School in Mechanical Engineering, MS Engineering Tech from MS Michigan Tech, and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering at College of Engineering, Pune.

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Aniruddha Nazre
Job Title
Entrepreneur & Investor
CSO & EVP Digital Media Services Reliance Industries Ltd
1225 Bordeaux Dr,
Sunnyvale, California, 94089
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